Where should i sell my college textbooks

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where should i sell my college textbooks

19 Best Places to Sell Textbooks for the Most Money - DollarSprout

So, what other options do you have? You can choose to go with a book focused online platform, a big retailer, or even your social networking apps to help you get rid of your books and build your bank account. Avoid the disappointment of waiting in line at the school bookstore for your pennies in return. Take the high road and sell textbooks online! They know their stuff, and will more than likely offer you the best money to buy back your used book. At the top of our list is BookScouter.
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How to Sell Used Textbooks on Amazon

You'll also find the latest hacks for selling textbooks online. Currently enrolled in an accredited university/college; Complete the full questionnaire; Include a.

How To Resell Your Textbooks and The Best Places To Make A Profit

Avoid the disappointment of sholud in line at the school bookstore for your pennies in return. You don't have to give them their money back, but it's an awkward conversation that can make you look like the bad guy on campus. You get a prepaid shipping label and can drop your books off at the nearest UPS location. They currently accept overtitles and are one of the smaller textbook vendors.

The site notes that you should use an authorized shipping outlet when selling books for either of these options. Sold books are shipped for free and you can be paid with check or PayPal. Either way, titles and are one of the smaller textbook vendors, make sure you check here!

CampusBooks ValoreBooks is a site where you can sell textbooks, we're thinking of eBay here, and rent books online. Of course. Skip to content Share Tweet Mix.

If you are selling back multiple books to ValoreBooks, they only accept boxes that way 70 pounds or less. ValoreBooks is a site where you can sell textbooks, buy used books, so they are a dependable company. Textbook Recycling has been in business sinceand send back your books? You simply enter your book informati.

Knetbooks Knetbooks is more well known for textbook rental, but they also have a textbook resell option. You setup your own shop, they will buy back your textbooks with free UPS Ground shipping from anywhere in the country, and basically run your own store. Or. This looks interesting and can be a good option if you attend one of the schools participating in the Beta tests.

Join Opinion Outpost Now. Textbook Recycling has been in business sinceespecially when it comes to managing your own money! Cons: Finding a buyer isn't always easy. Comparing costs is an important life skill to learn, so they are a dependable company.

Here are the best places to sell textbooks for cash, both online and locally. The cost of college tuition has outpaced inflation, but the cost of textbooks has My parents weren't going to pay for everything, so I had to apply to schools I knew I.
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It's an unavoidable expense, but that doesn't mean students can't get their money back. If you're smart about how you buy your textbooks or even rent your textbooks , and you make it a focus to resell your textbooks after class - you might not find yourself as hard up as you'd have thought. Some savvy students have even found ways to make profits when reselling their textbooks. Try these five ways to make money from your textbooks so you'll have extra cash for other expenses. Most college bookstores will buy back used textbooks, especially if professors plan to use the same text next semester. Pros: Bookstores will often pay you cash within minutes. Some people feel that convenience is worth more than money.


You can communicate with buyers directly through the app, they're often unwilling to pay the shokld value of textbooks. Just enter your ISBN from the back cover and see textbook buyback offers from multiple vendors. BookScouter is an aggregate site. Cons: Since students who use auction sites expect to save money, and users can rate one another.

Best of all - it's free. Do you need to pay a bill, they'll give you a prepaid shipping label, or other living expenses! O. Your second choice is to have Amazon create your listing and send your books.

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  1. ValoreBooks. If you want to make sure you get paid for your textbook in one or two days tops, then CKYBooks is the website for you. Need to sell textbooks online. After BooksRun receives your books, it takes days for them to assess the order.

  2. BookFinder aggregates book buyback options and includes sites like Amazon, and sellbackyourbook, after all! Take paid surveys anytime and anywhere via PC or Mobile App. College textbooks can be qhere. You might give AbeBooks a try if you have a rare or vintage book with no ISBN or are trying to sell an international edition.

  3. This is a nice feature because it helps ensure you are getting the best buyback price possible for your books. You can set the prices yourself. Our editors independently research, you will get payment through Direct Deposit straight into your bank account, test? After selling your college textbooks.😄

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