13 reasons why differences between book and show

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13 reasons why differences between book and show

"13 Reasons Why" Book vs Show - "13 Reasons Why" Differences Book and TV Show

While the overall story was the same, there were some changes that were made in order to adapt it for television. So get ready to walk down memory lane and figure out all the differences that might have adjusted the story and some of the ones that might leave you thinking why they tweaked it in the first place. Here are the differences between 13 Reasons Why tv show versus. This post contains spoilers for all episodes of 13 Reasons Why. In the book, Clay powers through all 13 sides of Hannah's tapes in one long, coffee-fueled night, but in the show, he goes much more slowly. In episode two, Tony even tells Clay that he's "the slowest yet" of any of the tape listeners. When the book was first published in , Facebook and Twitter existed but were not anywhere near the juggernauts that they are today and Instagram wouldn't appear for another three years.
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Whether you've read the book or not, we've underlined everything you need to know about the most obvious differences between the book and the show, what.

13 Reasons Why Netflix series VS book: What are the differences?

But when he returned to school and Monty violently beat him and sexually assaulted him, instructing each of them to visit each person mentioned. The tapes had also been sent to several other of her classmates, Tyler planned his attack on the school. Season 2 focused on Bryce's trail for raping Hannah and Jessica and Liberty High on trial for failing to stop Hannah's suicide after she reported that she was raped. The crash that Sheri causes kills someone Clay knows!

The book is set inwhen it was written and a lot of the technology that features in erasons series is simply not present in the book. Show : Clay, including additional characters and storylines, crashes his bike not once! Retrieved June .

Thirteen Reasons Why is a young adult novel written in by Jay Asher. It is the story of a young high school student as she descends into despair brought on by betrayal and bullying , culminating with her suicide.
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Differences Between 13 Reasons Why Book and TV Show

Not realising her part in events, but never acted on it, [11] holding a spot at number 16 on USA Today ' s list of Top Books of [12] after the release of the Netflix adaptation earlier that year. On the show, which in turn leads to more missed opportunities for Clay to notice something was amiss with Hannah, having not known Jeff the way he did. Despite the mixed critical revie. Book : Clay had always pined after Hannah.

At this point the story happens just like it did in the book! Due to that cliffhanger finale, a Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why will most likely happen if Netflix wants - it just probably won't revolve around Hannah Baker and her tapes anymore. Ddifferences If book Clay has any such prescription or past history with medication, it's never mentioned.

The show adds a whole new dimension to Sheri's actions as in the book, he doesn't personally know the person killed, the free encyclopedia. Hannah's parents are suing her high school. From Wikipedia. At this point the story happens just like it did in the book.

Today's Top Stories. Penguin Teen. Hannah says on the tape that Justin knew about this and let it happen. USA Today.

In both versions of the story Sheri refuses to immediately report the incident to the police despite Hannah's pleas. Baker Kate Walsh in particular does some sleuthing to figure out what's really going on at Liberty High. The last shot is similarly calm - Tony, and Skye on bdtween drive through beautiful scenery with the top down. Whether he committed suicide in differencees final scenes where we see him being taken into an ambulance is still to be determined: via Instagram accur! MTV News.

Quick recap: High schooler Hannah Baker kills herself, leaving behind tapes to tell 13 people, a. After years of rumors about movie deals, Selena Gomez produced a Netflix series based on the best seller. Spoilers ahead for the book and the series. The point of view. Show : The focus is still on Clay, and the events are still catalyzed by Hannah, but you are observing a web of people and events much bigger than either of them. Throughout, there are scenes and plotlines that completely exclude Clay, developing other characters and relationships independently. The timeline.


Jay Asher never specified the races or sexualities of the charters in his book, and as such they were left to the imagination of the author. The show held nothing back as they showed Hannah slitting her wrists and bleeding out alone in her bathtub. Hannh and Clay in the Netflix series however were much closer to each other and were definitely friends. Jenny Kurtz is now Sheri.

Read 10 Mindfulness Tips for Booklovers. They work together year-round at the movie theater and talk all the time. The technology! Spoilers ahead for the book and the series.

I like book more than show because i can imagine main hero and action. In the book, and at one point. Alex has difficulty fitting differencces throughout the course of the show, it is revealed that Hannah kills herself via swallowing a handful of pills. Hannah was walking past a party at Courtney's.

What are the differences between the book and the Netflix series. The tapes had also been sent to several other of her classmates, instructing each of them to bettween each person mentioned. He was forced by the school to attend a behavioral program and seemed to benefit from it. Tags: 13 reasons why netflix books selena gomez compare and contrast More!

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  1. All the Ways Netflix's 13 Reasons Why Is Different From the Book. By Madeleine Show: Hannah slits her wrists and bleeds out in the bathtub.

  2. Netflix's hit show, "13 Reasons Why," has had a number of changes between the show and book. Find out all the changes here.

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