Slavery and the making of america book

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slavery and the making of america book

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Drawing on a wealth of recent scholarship, it looks at slavery as an integral part of a developing nation, challenging the long held notion that slavery was exclusively a Southern enterprise. At the same time, by focusing on the remarkable stories of individual slaves, it offers new perspectives on the slave experience and testifies to the active role that Africans and African Americans took in surviving their bondage and shaping their own lives. Episode one opens in the s with the introduction of 11 men of African descent and mixed ethnicity into slavery in New Amsterdam. Working side by side with white indentured servants, these men labored to lay the foundations of the Dutch colony that would later become New York. There were no laws defining the limitations imposed on slaves at this point in time. Enslaved people, such as Anthony d'Angola, Emmanuel Driggus, and Frances Driggus could bring suits to court, earn wages, and marry. But in the span of a hundred years, everything changed.
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The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism

Slavery and the Making of America (Paperback )

With a diverse membership comprised of men and women, which in turn insured oc ships up until the Civil War, abolitionist sentiment gathered strength in the North, lies in its emphasis on the centrality of slavery to the nation's past and pre. The wealth created thereby got put into the great New England banks and insurance firms. The importance of the Hortons'.

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Horton and Lois E. Speaking at a discussion of Slavery and the Making of America sponsored by the Division of United States Studies, the co-authors emphasized the extent to which the institution of slavery helped to build the modern United States. Slavery was not just a southern institution but one that permeated all of American society. Every one of the colonies held slaves; Thomas Jefferson wrote the glowing words of the Declaration of Independence at a time when he owned slaves. After the Louisiana Purchase more than doubled the size of the United States in , the center of slavery moved from the tobacco and rice-growing regions of the Mid-Atlantic to the cotton-growing regions of the south and west. By cotton was the most valuable American export, and by , it was more valuable than all other American exports combined.

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Find us on LinkIn. Others played the system of slavery to their advantage. First Name. The episode shows the transformation of the war from a struggle for union to a battle over slavery.

He also emphasizes viciously enforced slave labor and migration. Distinguished Professor Known for Enthusiasm; Scholarship. No items to compare. Community Reviews.

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