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book and frame make it right

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Like give me all the series with more that one non-het couple per season?????? TeeFuse: Them having sex while Fuse is drunk and him then slowly realising he likes Tee even though he has a girlfriend. And Tee just simply accepting his feelings for Fuse from the first moment and never presuring Fuse and being friends with him even if it hurts his own feelings. Their storyline is focused on Fuse dealing with his feelings for his girlfriend who may or may not have cheated on him… and Tee and it is a genuinely relatable story. They both have their baggage, especially Book who had a particularly bad experience with his first boyfriend whom he completely instinctively submitted to. But Frame has also had his fair share of bad relationships with partners cheating on him and making him ultimately not believe that relationships work out.
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Make It Right - ohmtoey x framebook 3rd monthsarry

Im addicted to BL anyone got any good movie/series suggestions.

Hope, dreams, but Apo is still precious bae. We take it with us into our next relationship and this is always a damaging thing. Jan 22, read-by-other-reviewers. Waterboyy the Series was ehhh.

The rest of the novel takes place mainly in Kyle's mind as he tries desperately to unravel that one moment, though Zhe is less brazen and Nan is more careless. But the worst change is the increase in the bookk of sub plots. I love how they have to wear long sweaters for winter wear, that one scene he can't get right. They are both having affairs and hookups on fframe side, but still have to wear short shorts.

Young Adult. Most of the characters in the book are richly drawn, giving the reader a glimpse at their complex views as they all struggle to deal with the tragedy that has taken place. And then there are new characters like Fah and Pan whom I thought would be the hets of the show but i what??????. The day Jason died.

This book wasn't as great as my family told me it was. Shelves: favoritebooks. The orange shoes that Kyle bet Jason he would wear for a whole year help mark the passage of time by showing the countdown almost every day. It didn't take me very long to read it, but anv I had to take breaks because it managed to get under my skin so badly.

I've never cried my way through a book before! Bring all the angst. I'm happy that Kyle was able to move on and even found himself another outcaste friend Kohana or as most others know him ,Clock. There's no one there and Tee performs the first-aid.

He explains that he saw his girlfriend Jean hanging out with another guy at the mall poor Fuse and is conflicted on how to react to this situation. It's a start, but Kyle is a long way from letting himself and others heal. And although we find out why latter, he intentionally set himself apart from others. Okay, here's what happened.

Make It Right: The Series is a Thai boys’ love romantic comedy series aired on MCOT HD and Line TV. The series is based from the novel of the same name. It is broadcast on Sundays from to on MCOT HD, while the uncut version is.
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It's a book that's going to stay with me for a very, this season introduces a new couple and two romantic foils for two of the already established couples? Kyle is a movie buff who bolk hoped to pursue a career in film. It's all about that honeymoon phase after the confession for them. Plus, very long time.

We have been anticipating Mo's break up for a while after we saw his girl friend getting offered a job to seduce Yok by Yok's mother but it was still painful nonetheless. For context, this was because Frame like Book also had his heart broken before by a girl. Carroll forgot he even had. Fgame you do forget that you were his.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. What the fuck is wrong with everyone here. Return to Book Page. It's going to be such a fail. They did an amazing job of fitting it into the perimeters of them and making it work.

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi! The series followed a bunch of energetic high school boys and specifically on two couples. Fuse found out his girlfriend was cheating on him. In his drunken despair he ended up sleeping with his friend Tee. The two then dealt with their feelings after the fact.


Young Adult. But the brutality of Frame and Book's snd melodrama is very uncommon in BL, and the way in which the boys despair or cope with it is worth its own series. Keep your head strong as this too shall pass. Book had to come to a place where he could face these issues head on, his parents were gonna love him or not love him.

Second, although the horror of the event might grab even reluctant readers and help them think on a higher plane, Ian rated it it was amazing, Lynch? Nov 10. Sometimes people hurt us and that pain is sometimes so powerful that we retain it. I have included Middle School in the reading range; this would probably be for more mature ms kids.

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