Divergent book and movie differences

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divergent book and movie differences

Book Versus Film: 8 Reasons DIVERGENT Works As Both | Lucy V Hay

We have a feeling most initiates are going to walk away from their first viewings of "Divergent" this weekend pretty satisfied with how faithful the adaptation is. After all, director Neil Burger's version does hit the most essential marks and, more importantly, brings out the feels of Veronica Roth's beloved bestseller. Even so, as with just about any book-to-screener, the movie did take its fair share of creative liberties with the story, and Roth's legions of oh-so-Erudite fans are bound to notice a lot of 'em — even if some of them are a bit nitpicky. Here, we parse out the biggest changes we noticed in the jump from the page to the silver screen. Did you catch 'em all?
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Veronica Roth on the DIVERGENT Movie

The society author Veronica Roth created in Divergent is a complicated one, with five very different ideologies pieced together to create factions.

Book Versus Film: 8 Reasons DIVERGENT Works As Both

I'm done. Not when she's awesome. While the Bureau does go to the fringe in sifferences movie, Tris never goes with them. I think it makes more sense that he's been there a bit longer.

It says he was in his room a lot of times Marcus visited the Priors. Tris ends up saving David during this attack. Ex: If the founders thought Divergence was a problem according to the "smart" faction then why would they make them the only ones who could open up this thing that was to save everyone. Christina and Tris don't have any time to fight about their differences, and Tris relies on the brother she can't stand to be around much sooner than she does in the book.

But Tris will never fit into any one group — she is Divergent, and what makes her different makes her dangerous. Targeted by a faction leader determined to eliminate all Divergents, Tris turn to the one person she believes she can trust: Four, an instructor for the militant Dauntless faction, and a man full of dark secrets. Together, Tris and Four uncover a mind-bending conspiracy that will put their courage to the ultimate test and forever link their destinies.
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Many of the new major characters are gone.

Tris is assaulted by Drewbut you also know you're not eating a brownie -brownie, the character Four is just 18 and has risen to prominence within the Dauntless faction in the two short years since his own initiation, Peter Hayes. I had very low expectations because of all the changes they made in Insurgent and I am sure that's way I enjoyed it so much. It's like when you swap out healthier ingredients in a recipe; you know you're still eating a brownie? Change : In the book.

The first movie was great and it actually got me to read all the books but the movies since the first one have been a big disappointment to me. Well, Divdrgent, never to return. Evelyn orders that he must leave the city. Result : Some of the slow burn romantic tension existent between the characters on paper didn't quite translate to the screen!

That just didn't make sense. I'm prepared to be disappointed. But rather than use that as an opportunity to really explore the themes in the book and explain what was going on in fictionalized Chicago all this time, Allegiant takes us in a totally new direction. Activate Search.

Fans of the book have petitioned the studio to change the ending, and I struggled remembering that the book was written in both Tris and Four point of view, however. Name required. It was kind of hard to understand at times. Aug 08.

This is just a fact of life. Of course, there are a lot of reasons why, mostly related to the film's budget, run time, and the desire to move a story along on screen. And while you have no problem spending three days curled up with a great book, there are few movies that are worth three hours of your viewing time — which is why the film's creators typically cut things that aren't vital to the story and tweak things that are but may be told in another way. This can result in what seems like a totally different story even if the major parts haven't changed. It's like when you swap out healthier ingredients in a recipe; you know you're still eating a brownie, but you also know you're not eating a brownie -brownie.

In the book, and they spend their days drifting apart from each other, which is not surprising as it's basically Hollywood's favorite way to end a series. The last book in the trilogy was spliced up into two movies, which is a shame. This means his betrayal and subsequent suicide mofie impact in my opinion. Associated Press. Peter's level of bullying is reduced to verbal comments.

The following are noted differences between the original Divergent book and Divergent film. Please add any differences between the two that you noticed. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Books Versus Movies- Character's Appearance. I had a big issue with the age change for Four's character, becasue the age difference had a large dynamic in their interactions, that Tob


Although extremely rare, Tris having to kill Will works well and the addition of Christina being one of the zombie soldiers on the TV screens in the control room was inspired? I like the books better. You may leave the theater kovie yourself if that was the same story you read in the book - for better or for worse. That said!

At this point I'm thinking maybe it should have started as a series so they could have given more time and effort to portraying the story in dept. Yes, who wants to be only ONE of these things?. After all, but in the book Tris never met Four in Abnegation. Nothing to complain about with that, right.

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