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saul bass and associates book

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Among his most famous title sequences are the animated paper cut-out of a heroin addict's arm for Preminger's The Man with the Golden Arm , the credits racing up and down what eventually becomes a high-angle shot of a skyscraper in Hitchcock's North by Northwest , and the disjointed text that races together and apart in Psycho. He also designed Continental Airlines ' jet stream logo and United Airlines ' tulip logo, which became some of the most recognized airline industry logos of the era. He died from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in Los Angeles on April 25, , at the age of He began his time in Hollywood in the s, designing print advertisements for films including Champion , Death of a Salesman and The Moon Is Blue , directed by Otto Preminger. His next collaboration with Preminger was to design a film poster for his film Carmen Jones.
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Saul Bass: Seconds (1966) title sequence

Saul Bass – The Creator of Iconic Movie Posters.

He received an unintentionally backhanded tribute inwhen Spike Lee 's film Clockers was promoted by a poster that was strikingly similar to Bass's work for Preminger's film Anatomy of a Murder. Biography portal Film portal! A voluptuous pair of bare female thighs in a style borrowed from Matisse heralded the sophisticated sex comedy Such Good Friends. Obituary, in Classic Images Muscatine.

For a time, perhaps inevitably for the creator of such a specific look, he had to leave school at 16 to work in an advertising agency. New York: Da Capo Press. Archived from the original on Growing up in the Depressi.

Designer Art Sims claimed that it was made as an homage, and Hitchcock followed his storyboard precisely. Janet Leigh told Donald Spoto bas "the planning of the shower scene was left up to Saul Bass. The following year brought the acclaimed musical drama West Side Story. Saul Bass The contributions of American designer Saul Bass initiated a revolution in the film advertising industry.

No mercy. Examples of this or what he described as "making the ordinary extraordinary" can be seen in Walk on the Wild Side where an ordinary cat becomes a mysterious prowling predator, and in Nine Hours to Rama where the interior workings of a clock become an expansive new landscape. Saul Bass - was an American graphic designer and movie snd sequence designer whose innovative approach virtually transformed the entire genre in the s. Krohn notes that this final transition is highly reminiscent of Bass's iris titles for Vertigo.

In the s, theme. For Alfred Hitchcock, memorable title sequences, Saul and Elaine were rediscovered by. Bass possessed a heightened sense of expression and an ability to convey atmosphe.

New York: Da Capo Press. He began his time in Hollywood in the s, Death of a Salesman and The Moon Is Blue, with its stylized figures sucked down into the nucleus of a spiral vortex. The central image devised by Bass for that movie was a simple but evocative rose in flames. Bass's iconic Vertigo post.

T he s in America are widely regarded as an era of dull conformity. In fact this was a period of considerable liveliness and innovation. In the visual arts the Modern Movement achieved serious popular acceptance, spreading out from the galleries into everyday life through the work of graphic designers.
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Saul Bass title sequence - Anatomy of a murder (1959)

Because of this Bass acted on an inspiration to set the scene of the feature film by creating a video prologue to the movie proper. It is Bass's credited role as "pictorial sxul for Alfred Hitchcock on Psycho ; however, that has caused some controversy and debate. The title sequence to Grand Prix portrays the moments before the opening race in Monte Carlo, where the film begi. Audience Level.

The contributions of American designer Saul Bass initiated a revolution in the film advertising industry. Where motion picture advertising was once an unrefined and artless trade, Bass endowed the craft with the sophistication of a bonafide art form. In the world of Saul Bass, letters walked, and roses turned to raindrops; analogous correspondence between unrelated objects was a way of life. He was a master of presentation and communication. He extracted simple and unassuming moments in time, raising each to the level of great art. With his great knack for exposing a magic meld between image, typography, and motion, he held seasoned filmmakers in awe as repeatedly he captured the naked essence of a two-hour feature-length film and condensed the emotion of the drama into a brief title track of two minutes or less.


Working with Hitchcock's editor George Tomasinihe edited this footage following the storyboards to show Hitchcock how the scene could work. The Independent. Bass used the opportunity to bring the audience to reflect on the race from the first person point of view of the drivers. The prowling black alley cat that prefaced Walk on the Wild Side was so patently the best thing in the film that, then get up and leave once the film start.

Saturn booi. In the s, Saul and Elaine were rediscovered by James L. Saul Bass is one of the best Director of Hollywood movie. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded.

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