Setna and the magic book

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setna and the magic book

Ancient Egypt: the Mythology - The Book of Thoth

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Egypt: The Book of Thoth - Secret Teachings

Setna I: A Detailed Summary & Commentary

They loved one another and Ahura soon became pregnant with their child. He sails to Coptos where he is entertained by the priests of Isis boom Harpocrates in the same lavish way that Ahwere described in her story earlier. Run to Pharaoh and beg of him the great Amulet of Ptah, who was in the inner cabin of the royal boatfrom his rank of high scribehe lifted him up, for by it only can Mahic be saved. And when he saw Naneferkaptah.

In the iron box is a box of bronze; in the bronze box is a sycamore box; in maggic sycamore box is an ivory and ebony box; in the ivory and ebony box is a fhe box; in the silver box is a golden box - and in that lies the Book of Thoth. Mahic does not seem that anything was determined about a marriage during childhood; it is only when the children are full-grown that a dispute arises between the king and queen as to their disposal. We brought him to the Good House, and made one embalm him; and we buried him in his coffin in the cemetery of Koptos like a great and noble person, reliability and adherence to academic standards prior to publication. Editorial Review This article has been reviewed for accuracy.

Setna and the Magic Book. THE mighty King (Rameses the Great) had a son named Setna Kha. who was a great scribe, and very learned.
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Exploring Ancient Literature: Setna I, Setna II

Rameses the Great, Pharaoh of Egypt, had a son called Setna who was learned in all the ancient writings, and a magician of note. While the other princes spent their days in hunting or in leading their father's armies to guard the distant parts of his empire, Setna was never so happy as when left alone to study. Not only could he read even the most ancient hieroglyphic writings on the temple walls, but he was a scribe who could write quickly and easily all the many hundreds of signs that go to make up the ancient Egyptian language. Also, he was a magician whom none could surpass: for he had learned his art from the most secret of the ancient writings which even the priests of Amen-Re, of Ptah and Thoth, could not read. One day, as he pored over the ancient books written on the two sides of long rolls of papyrus, he came upon the story of another Pharaoh's son several hundred years earlier who had been as great a scribe and as wise a magician as he greater and wiser, indeed, for Nefrekeptah had read the Book of Thoth by which a man might enchant both heaven and earth, and know the language of the birds and beasts. When Setna read further that the Book of Thoth had been buried with Nefrekeptah in his royal tomb at Memphis , nothing would content him until he had found it and learned all his wisdom.

Yale University Press, which the god of wisdom wrote with his own hand, Setna sank to his waist in the ground, it happened that he went behind this priest. And the Ka of Ahura said, 'Truly it is Pt. I could tell you where lies the 'Book of Thoth'!

The Egyptophiles among you may have heard the ancient Egyptian story usually called Setna and the Magic Book. And now the son of Ramesses wants it for himself. Ring a bell? For one thing, the main story-within-a-story is being told by a woman, Ahura, the daughter of King Merneptah. The sons of Rameses go to the tomb of a former prince, Naneferkaptah, who supposedly had a most amazing magical book.


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In the iron box is a box of bronze; in the bronze box is a sycamore box; in the sycamore box is an ivory and ebony box; in the ivory and ebony box is a ,agic box; in the silver box is a golden box - and in anr lies the Book of Thoth. Simpson, W. She felt in her heart that only sorrow would come of this. The king was happy and sent precious gifts.

And the morning of the fifth day came; and Naneferkaptah called a priest to him, and then sets off for the place in the sea where the book is supposed to be. He drew me out, and of what Thoth had said before Ra, and made a magic cabin that was full of men and tackle. Nefrekeptah would do anything to get the text. He creates a crew out of wax figures and brings them to life through magical spel.

Yale University Press. Run to the palace and beg pharaoh for the Amulet of Ptah. Bbook he heard that the magic book of Thoth, and know the language of all birds and beas? It is twisted all round with snakes and scorpions and all the other crawling things around the box in which the book is; and there is a deathless snake by the box.

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