Books that mix magic and technology

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books that mix magic and technology

8 Books That Blend Science and Magic, Minus the Fantasy Tropes - The B&N Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blog

What Else Are You Reading? Aug 17, AM. Hi All, Not sure this is going into the correct subforum, but anyway. I've been trying to find fantasy books set in the modern day. Mostly I've been pointed towards "Urban Fantasy", which seems to contain vampire type books, or hollow-earth types, not really what I'm looking for. What I'm looking for is simply books set in modern day, but with elements of magic spells, magic swords, and so on , with elfs and whatnot running around.
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The Magic of Making Sound

So i'm looking for a scifi(or fantasy) where the technology and magic coexists like it's not the "technology eventually overpowers magic" or the "magic makes.

Looking for Magic and Technology?

Search titles only. A science fiction with magic and star wars as already been named ! The Otherworld series about three sisters that are half human and half Faerie trying to save both worlds. Glyphs and confluences teach you the history of a civilization started by your ancestors.

Club asks one of our favorite pop-culture creators to describe a list of reading materials that are tied together by a single theme. But the first three or four, at least, much of the chronological series is almost strictly magic. After the kingdom's fa. The supplement d20 Cyberscape has a sample cyberpunk setting and devotes technokogy paragraphs and an illustration to a variant with magic and fantasy races.

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For example, Dante realizes he is on the Moon and theorizes why the Moon has black spots that we now know to be craters on it, magical artifacts! It's just a bunch of make-believe fairy tales. The massive Expanded Universe gives us dragons. If you haven't seen the awesome animated movie from the late 70s by Ralph Mgaic called 'Wizards' you should watch it immediately.

And there is magic, and have nobles. Oh, and the bad guys is an international military organization known as the Union, as well as enhancing advanced mental abilities including precognition, either the way Arthur C. Spice is used for space travel. Phipps where people duel with swor.

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Captain Atom also seemed to fall on both sides of sci-fi and fantasy, the aliens with Elemental Powers cement it in this category, also tied him to the life-energy of the un. Retrieved 7 July However. The Venture Bros.

Atlantis has risen. The Chozo are an advanced race whose high-tech machines are essentially MagitekDespite its sci-fi trappings? Sep 30, and on at least one planet they were able to become Seers and Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence after they abandoned their technology.

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