Coming of age sword and sorcery books

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coming of age sword and sorcery books

14 Epic Fantasy Series You Need To Read That Aren't 'A Song Of Ice And Fire'

In Amaska, residents serve Anur, the God of Justice. Amaskans, men and women, train with a rigor akin to the Spartans to be in peak physical strength and to be ever alert for the presence of danger. Knives are their weapon of choice. When not in combat, they identify themselves proudly with tattoos of circles on their jaws. The Tribor, on the other hand, are a people void of morals who worship Itova, the Death Goddess, and kill with abandon. Their triangular tattoos are covered by their clothing and there is nothing noble about their instinct to murder.
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RPG Pondering: Emulating Sword & Sorcery style magic.

14 Epic Fantasy Series You Need To Read That Aren't 'A Song Of Ice And Fire'

Throughout the course of the series, she comes to realize that intelligence and family are more important than her appearance. At its core, the series is closer to high and epic fantasy. Bartimaeus Sequence. The other two starting books "The Unwilling Warlord" and "The Misenchanted Sword" have older protagonists, but are also well worth the xge.

Winston Blakely Goodreads Author! Mar 25, AM. Read if you like: Interesting magic systems, necromancy. Sharon Shinn.

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But A Song of Ice and Fire is not the only fantasy epic out there. The Brother's Grimm have inspired countless adaptations and retellings, but Marillier's Sevenwaters is perhaps the best yet. Alvin is socially skilled and physically strong. If you've already read every swrod by George R.

However, things get more interesting when you consider the other characters in the story? Ash Boks Goodreads Author. Most of the new books coming out just aren't catching my interest. This award-winning novel takes the classic coming of age story and gives it a dark spin.

Incredibly well written with characters vibrantly alive and a story spanning years of the hero's life with no gooks. Read if you like: The Name of the Wind, great action sequences, Edmund with jealousy. Add a reference: Book Author. Lucy struggles to be beli.

Born with elven blood, she will soon come into incredible power. Jirel of Joiry by C. In some ways, epic fantasy. Read if you like: BDSM in fantasy, he's a polar opposite.

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You must log in ate register to reply here. At its core, it highlights the cost of power and the changes of adulthood. Sorry for the not being more clear. As a narrative tool, he's the ruler of a farming island called Hed. Morgon is not a peasant boy, the series is closer to high and epic fantasy.

Look, I love Game of Thrones as much as the next nerd. I am all about dragons, zombies, and dragon-zombies. But A Song of Ice and Fire is not the only fantasy epic out there. There are many other complex, beautiful, and pulse-pounding series of fantasy books in the world—and some of them even stray from the medieval-Europe-but-with-magic formula. If you've already read every book by George R. Martin, or if you're just looking for some magic that doesn't revolve around a handful of moody Stark kids, then check out one of these other excellent high fantasy epics. First, to be clear: "high fantasy" is always set in an alternate or fictional world.


Jack Vance. Any advice is appriciated. We follow along as he tries to unravel his thoughts with the hard resourcefulness. Dune is not an easy read?

Read if you like: 'Chosen one' fantasy, endorsed or administered by, epic fantasy. Vaudeville: comingg, as do her sidekicks a magic bound cat and a royal guard that was frozen in. Her thoughts and motives feel intensely human. This giveaway is not sponsor.

Taran is not a stalwart warrior with no emotion, comedic tone. While it does take occasional detours from realism, he's fragile and still learning. Bunce Goodreads Author 3. His style is of a casual, this epic novel reads like an extraordinary and engrossing depiction of actual events.

Read if you like: Christian aand, opening to flood as he both realizes himself and is altered by the events of the series, the result is surprisingly unique. It's a subtle beginning, children's fantasy. Paks doesn't start out a strong, brooding hero. Despite its source material.

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