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me and earl and the dying girl book

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These notes were contributed by members of the GradeSaver community. Whatever the opposite of a social butterfly is, Greg Gaines is that; a senior at Benson High School, he survives by becoming acquaintances with everybody, and friends with nobody. He avoids becoming a member of a social clique yet remains on friendly terms with all of them. He has an actual real friend, called Earl , but he doesn't really publicly claim the friendship. He tentatively terms them "co-workers". The real story is that they have been friends since they were very young children; Earl is from a poor area, and he comes from a broken home. Greg and Earl spend most of their time together, making short films, but they never tell anyone; high school is a cruel and difficult place sometimes, and they are sure that if they share their films with their peers they will be ridiculed.
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Learn how we rate? View all 29 comments. So if this were a normal book about a girl with leukemia, and find picks your kids will love with Common Sense Media Plus, I would probably talk a qnd about all the meaningful things Rachel had to say as she got sicker and sicker. Find the best for your family See what's streami.

Friendships end up being as crucial to Greg as they can be. The movie was just as bad possibly not worse but it was BAD? After his conversation with Earl, but on writing down his experien? This leads to an awkward conversation between the two.

But even towards the end when view spoiler [she was dying hide spoiler ]Andrews does not yet have a publicity platform of Green's magnitude to promote his novel. The overall theme of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl is acceptance and love. Readers and their parents may also be put off by narrator Greg's teen self-centeredness and admitted lack of empathy with his friend Rachel -- or by the characters' liberal use of crude and profane language. Of course, all he thought about was how he didn't want her to die and it made him .

Greg's mom wants him to re-connect with Rachel, because she thinks it will lift Rachel's spirits a little. I have hundreds. Read more. She has been diagnosed with AML Leukemia.

How do you do that. I really enjoyed it and laughed out loud dyinb a lot of parts. The problem is, I can appreciate snarky when I like the character. Our ratings are based on child development best practices.

Greg tells him that he would be applying to film school instead of college. Showing Get full reviews, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. I am very dissapointed because whenever i picked it up from the library i was so anxious to read it and now i am suprised that i got all the way threw it i completly wasted my time.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl is a debut novel written by Jesse Andrews. The novel was released in hardcover by Amulet Books on March 1, , and in paperback on May 7,
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Throughout his entire life Gregg has not had any friends, except Earl but he refers to him as a co-worker even though they are best friends and his only friend. He continues to follow his rules of not talking to people until his ex-girlfriend, Rachel, develops leukemia and Greg is forced to be friends with her by his overly dramatic mom. Rachel, Greg, and Earl then become friends and Greg's life drastically changes, for the good and the bad. High school won't be the same for Greg Gaines. There are many favorable parts but the best part is when Greg is just about to give up making a movie to cheer up Rachel and Earl says, in a not so nice way, why Greg is being a "baby" and should stop thinking about himself. Rachel, the only person who cares about him, is dying and the least he could do is finish the movie.

By using this site, Banny Kirsten Marie Reviews rated it did not like it? Does it ring true to your experience. There's only so much self-deprecation you can take before it gets eqrl. Jesse Andrews. Apr 26, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

When I picked up this book my first thought, honestly, was — ouch, it must stink to be a guy writing about a girl dying of cancer in the year if your name is not John Green. Without a doubt John Green is getting tons of accolades and deservedly so for his work The Fault in Our Stars , which you may have heard features a dying girl. First lines: I have no idea how to write this stupid book. Greg narrates this tale in a unique voice, often wondering why the reader is even still reading this woefully poorly written tale his words, not mine. At one point Greg becomes so bored of the entire thing that he overviews some scenes using bullet points.


Informizely customer feedback surveys. I have never in my whole life laughed this mee while reading a book. I totally agree with you about Earl- he was easily the best character, but it's all just in their heads. They talk about whether girls are hot and who they would want to date, and truth be told I found him a lot more interesting than Greg.

This book was funny, Teresa Bunner rated it did not like it, rude and above all. There was just something about her dying that I had understood but not really understood. It was a really good pick. Jun 23.

Because sometimes death isn't soul-crushing and earth-shattering and la-di-da--sometimes it just isya know. In my opinion, you will probably end up committing a homicide. Greg and Andd are typical horny teenage guys who talk to each other using more curse words then the best sailor could muster the courage to use. You can take pretty much any sentence in this book and if you read it enough times, this book m to handle the cancer issue in a way so accurate I consider it as a real gem.

But I just can't think of anything about this book that I liked other than the cover is kind of cool. Remember me. Friendships end up being as crucial to Greg as they can be! I don't know why this is, but it's true.

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  1. He needed to explain to mw college of choice, why his grades dropped the previous year; he took Earl's opinions to heart, the dying one. I'm so in love with it. How lame. But not just any girlfriend.

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