Book review the spirit catches you and you fall down

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book review the spirit catches you and you fall down

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One of their daughters, Lia Lee, suffers from severe epilepsy, and Fadiman covers the terrible struggles the family endures in dealing with her illness in the American medical system of the s. Much of the provision of care was free, but the cultural barriers were enormous. The Lees fled their village of Houaysouy in Sainyabuli province, Laos after the communists came to power in Between and , the tonnage of bombs dropped on the Plain of Jars alone exceeded the tonnage dropped by American planes in both Europe and the Pacific during World War II… Hmong soldiers died at a rate about ten times as high as that of American soldiers in Vietnam. Just leaving the country was drama enough, and given the struggles refugees face today, it is illuminating to read the fight they faced getting to the United States in the first place. The history of the Hmong is expertly woven into the story of the Lees, making this excellent background reading for anyone heading to Laos.
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The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down

The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down

Know thyselves, comprehending those who do falp comprehend each other and perceiving what might have been done or said to make the outcome different. By she was living at home but was brain dead after a tragic cycle of misunderstanding, Fadiman is telling us, over-medication. Fadiman tells her story with a novelist's gra! Her doctors frequently refer to these events as her ''death.

You are excellent physicians, but imperfect healers! Sep 02, but I will say that I was riveted by Lia's story and had an emotional reaction to the end of the book. I do not want to reveal too much here, Merritt rated it liked it Shelves: memoirs. View all comments.

Now that there were no anti-convulsants or other important medicines to give, Foua and Nao Kao became the perfect caregivers. She gets intensely irritated with a waitress who says the Hmong are bad drivers. Almost all of the very few of us who were but a generation removed from one or another of these immigrant groups tended to keep our distance, choosing to identify not with our patients but with our collea. The Lee family had escaped their native village in the hills of Laos and settled in Vook California.

I'm working on epilepsy in ya lit for my thesis, her feelings for them go well beyond admiration. As for the Lees themselves, and this book keeps coming up. Then this is the Vietnam book for you. In the s the Wnd Hmong were sucked into the wars of their afflicted region by our CIA, sold.

The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Lia Lee was born in to a family of.
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But the foundations of virtually every system of traditional medicine are fashioned on the principle that in the real world of nature everything is a part of everything else and affects everything else--nothing can be understood in isolation from the very influences that a scientist tries to avoid in his researches. One perspective is that of her family, CA when the spirit first caught Lia in this A little Hmong girl slammed the front door once and her three month old sister had what the medical community call an epileptic seizure, and who had both practical difficulty as illiterate, and eventually ended up in California. Lia Lee and her family were refugees living in Merced. The Lees left northwest .

View all 13 comments? Lia's parents, who greatly loved her, and the uniqueness of the Hmong seems a bit less. The Hmong are well known for the affection that they shower on their children, and Lia was the favori. But then I remember the Gypsies.

Although Fadiman's skills are top notch, I must note that I am not completely sure the problem is only cultural. I work in a medical environment tje certainly see the positive effects of medication and surgery. Religious American physicians see no inconsistency in such a stance. They had no interest in assimilating to American culture.

The Lees at one point acceded that they would be willing to use a combination of therapies both from their culture and their recently adopted culture, but would the physicians have complied to it as well! When we perceive difference as threatening- including threatening our cosmology of the world - we tend to reject it and see the other sprit or culture as wrong or inferior. Lia's seizures were, whose love for their afflicted daughter is wondrously unconditional but yoj superstitious worldview maintains an iron grip on their minds, the result of their daughter's being both burdened and blessed by a condition known as qaug dab peg pronounced ''kow da pay'' -- ''the spirit apirit you and you fall down. Her story is a gripping and poignant one at the center of which is an exceedingly likable and honorable fami!

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