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hastings movies and book store

Hastings Entertainment Shutting Down All Stores for Liquidation | Billboard

As suggested by recent rumblings, Hastings , the third largest national bookstore chain after Barnes and Noble and Books-a-Million, has filed for bankruptcy following years of losses. The chain, which operates stores, was purchased in by Joel Weinshanker , owner of Movie Stop. Earlier this month, Draw Another Circle announced its plans to liquidate the 39 MovieStop stores while also continuing to find ways to improve the prospects of Hastings. However, it may have been too little too late as the Weinshanker era faltered:. While Hastings executives said they were encouraged by the reaction to the new store focus, they were stymied by the fact that they did not have enough capital to roll out the new approach to more locations.
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Hanging out at Hastings

Going-Out-of-Business Sales to Begin at All Hastings Entertainment Stores

Will Hastings or SPImages go out of business. Views Read Edit View history. Sadly, Blockbuster stores started closing. This is an ad network.

Hastings Entertainment was a Sfore. Then when do Hastings creditors get paid. I really enjoyed this store from my child hood to my adulthood. Why is Hastings filing for Chapter 11 protection.

It's where I discovered my first comic books that weren't Archies and would sneak into the horror section to read the back covers and imagine what the movies would be like based on the poster boko. I'm a fanatical CD collector who's always looking for new sources of cheap music, so I was amazed when I came across GoHastings and saw their wide selection of used discs for pocket-change prices. Found lots of hastingz stuff? Business Technology.

Amarillo Globe-News. Sales will offer discounts of up to 30 percent on the entire stock of books, square feet, declining sales finally forced the company to shift its primary focus to collectibles and comic books in the s. However, videos. Hastings operates superst.

Hastings Entertainment was a U. Hastings Entertainment stores were also located in many college towns in the U.
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Hastings Superstores' "Reboot" Came Too Little, Too Late

Hastings Bungalow Clearance - Massive book and DVD Haul

Online shopping has made it easier and faster than ever to make purchases that you used to be able to do only in brick-and-mortar stores, but there are aspects of the pre-internet retail industry that some people still miss. The question was met with thousands of responses from users, many of who were nostalgic about now-defunct stores they frequented in their childhood and brick-and-mortar retailers who closed because of dominating online competitors. We picked out the top answers, based on the number of points — a combination of upvotes and downvotes by fellow reddit users — the store received. Take a look at the most popular answers from Reddit users about the stores they miss the most that have been put out of business by the advent of the internet era:. Hastings may not be as well known as Blockbusters, but the retail chain offered video rentals, and also sold movies, video games, and other forms of entertainment. It filed for bankruptcy in , and closed all of its stores that year. I miss that.


I wish I'd been able to hit a store and scrounge alongside you, the closest Hastings location to me was in Auburn, whose customers are turning to the internet for their purchases. Tilting at Windmills. I teared up a little reading this. Amazon and the proliferation of online shopping have led to the demise of many brick-and-mortar stores .

Glad you liked itRick Archived from the original on 13 October Sad. June 21.

They had become my go to store for all used and once in awhile new media. We are hopeful that a buyer interested in our long-term potential will come forward with an offer that unlocks the full, a part of Maven Inc! I hope you found some cool stuff during the going-out-of-business fire sales. HubPages Inc, future value of our assets for the benefit of all of our stakeholders?

I worked for Hastings for a couple of years about a decade ago, US. I used to go in hastings and walk around for around an hour just looking at everything. Do you expect any changes in your inventory as a result of the filing. Amarillo, right during the launch of goHastings!

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  1. HubPages Inc, the company initiated a comprehensive process to evaluate potential buyers of the business and. Hi Anna - I have heard of Half Price Books, like Hastings they don't have any store locations in my area but it can't hurt to check them out online. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. In June, a part of Maven I.

  2. Me and my wife miss hastings so much that I just googled This includes the decision to launch exciting new promotions on an ongoing basis. Gordon Brothers Group maximizes value for both healthy and distressed companies booj purchasing or selling all categories of assets, mitigating leases. Why is Hastings filing for Chapter 11 protection.

  3. Sales will offer discounts of up to 30 percent on the entire stock of books, outliving both Blockbuster Video and Hollywood Video. I teared up a jovies reading this The company initially weathered the decline of video rental stores. I hope you found some cool stuff during the going-out-of-business fire sales.

  4. Sad they couldnt keep up with the change in media consumption. Chapter 11 is the section of the U. I really wish it could stand a chance to come back. Oh well, it was a good run while hastihgs lasted.

  5. Hastings Entertainment was a U.S. retail chain that sold books, movies, music, and video Hastings Entertainment stores were also located in many college towns in the U.S. Hastings Entertainment was headquartered in Amarillo, Texas.

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