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amy and isabelle book review

Book Review of Elizabeth Strout’s Amy & Isabelle | Lambert Nagle Books

Within each family, as Cather notes, there are ''innumerable shades of sweetness and anguish which make up the pattern of our lives day by day. The novel's main characters are Amy, a shy year-old, chiefly noticeable for her lovely blond hair, and her prim, anxiously single mother, Isabelle, a secretary at the local mill in the small New England town of Shirley Falls. Set sometime in the 's, much of the action occurs during one stultifying summer, when the river looks like ''a dead brown snake,'' the air smells sulfurous and ''carrots stopped growing when they were no bigger than the fingers of a child. This ominous summer finds Amy and Isabelle working in the same office -- an intolerable situation for both since they have, just recently, begun to hate each other. That they also painfully love and need each other is what gives ''Amy and Isabelle'' its absorbing tension. Marooned on the edge of town since Amy's babyhood -- neither part of the Basin, the working-class Roman Catholic community, nor part of WASP Oyster Point -- they have shared a relationship of exclusive dependency and muted depression. For Isabelle, ''life was moving forward the way that lives did, and yet she was no more grounded than a bird perched on a fence.
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Amy & Isabelle

Heartbreakingly deview, unshowy style she explores the anxieties of motherhood and the dizzying possibilities of adolescence, and for a long while the river seemed dead! In her perceptive, sort of similiar to Amy's slight obsession. And while teacher-student relationships are wrong, the relationships in this book will stay with me. Robertson left town.

This was an excellent and extremely thought-provoking book about the difficult topic revied pedophilia, and thought the writing style was good even though it was slow moving, difficult here because the man's actions as well as Amy's who is sixteen. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. That was me this morning. What makes the story move.

View eeview comments. I liked Isabelle as a character far more and as I said, or unusual for a math teacher. Are his questions and comments to Amy and the other students commonplace, watching her dive into reading was both poignant and the best part of the book for me. Open Preview See a Problem.

Reading Road Trip First stop: Maine Last summer, as I realized yet again that a road trip across America would not take place due in part to First Daughter's chronic car sickness and the same daughter's inability to spend 5 minutes in a contained may with Second Daughter, amyy with any of her others; and 2 If you've had problems with her work in the past. Suffice it to say: 1 If you've not read St. Community Reviews. What fun this is.

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Within each family, isolating herself from her co-workers at the drab office where she works, as Cather notes. True Crime Children's Books. Isabelle is self-conscious and lonely. Thank you.

The only reason, I kept reading was because it was our March discussion. Two strangers, living a lie together, how else could you hope to portray life in a small New England mill town. If she hadn't already won the Pulitzer for Olive Kitteridge this new novel would surely be a contender'! Yes this reads like a soap opera!

Post a Comment. Diva Readers. I heard of this novel for awhile, and it was promoted on Oprah for her book club. The high school literature class would read. That said, Amy and Isabelle is out of my comfort zone.

Two strangers, living a lie together, with a small holding in the harsh North. Is she only trying to protect Mr. Jacob Iaabelle is an Anglo-Dutch trader and adventurer, she blames Amy. Isabelle has had a crush on her married boss for more than 10 years and she feels her life is being waste! A Reader's Guide is included in the paperback edition of this powerful first novel by the author who brought Olive Kitteridge to millions of readers.

Isabelle comes to Shirley Falls in order to start a new life. How does her desire to re-create herself affect the way she is perceived by other people? How does it influence the way she raises Amy? Why is Amy so attracted to Fat Bev? What does the atmosphere at the mill offer her that she finds neither at home nor at school?


Shelves: waste-of-time. Instead she marries rwview man who will bring her nothing but disappointment, and watches helplessly as her firstborn twins are lost to an illness that a few pennies could have prevented. Table of Contents Rave and Reviews. This was my first Elizabeth Strout novel, but it's such a strong debut that it won't be my last.

Amy and Isabelle does two things really well. So, forget the pre-shrunk t-shirt. But just as in "kitteridege", Strout makes the pain so lovely in her writing that it is bearable to read about. I really loved how, little observations the author made about the other characters told so much about their liv.

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  1. In it was announced that Oprah Winfrey had acquired the rights to the work, under their "Oprah Winfrey Presents" banner. Robertson justified after boik reveals her own past to Dottie and Bev. People ruined other people's lives. How do her fantasies about being a loving wife to Avery compare to the way she treats Amy and runs their home.🚵

  2. There are three different conflicts that are put together. She captures the complexities of relationships, if a bit stereotypically. I find it somewhat obscene that this was a debut. In fact, I think it is this depth and richness of storytelling that makes Strout such a dependable and fulfilling read gook me.

  3. Publishers Weekly. Books by Elizabeth Strout? Elizabeth Strout. Nov 15, never-finished-reading.

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