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top selling books barnes and noble

The Bestselling Books of (So Far)

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Jun 11 Goliath has fallen.


Great books, if at all possible. Mysteries and comics. Always great customer service? I will never order from them again.

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The Fall publishing season has begun in earnest. Good luck trying to read them all this month! Add to Bag. Prompted by the death of Sandra Bland, an African American academic who died in jail after a traffic stop, Gladwell turns his sharp mind to the subject of how we size up strangers—and usually get it wrong. Gladwell thinks on the unearned confidence that most of us apply to this process, and offers entertaining examples of times when sizing up strangers went terribly—or comically—wrong. A thoughtful book that is both timely and fascinating, Gladwell will inspire people to treat the strangers they meet in life differently and with more humility. General Jim Mattis looks back over a storied military and political career that has taught him more about leadership than most people could ever hope to learn.


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