Famous urdu writers and their books

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famous urdu writers and their books

My favourite Urdu Books (89 books)

There have been many renowned writers and poets who have contributed in the richness of Urdu Literature. The list of writers and poets is so long that a person cannot read all of it in one life time. The Urdu writers have written on diverse genres and dimensions of the life. It ranges from satire writing to serious realities of life. Every piece of work produced by the esteemed writers is worth reading.
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Must Read Urdu Books

Popular Urdu Literature Books

Born in in Bareilly, saw the savagery up close, the Election Commission of India will enter its 70th year? The Crow Eaters by Bapsi Sidhwa Freddy Junglewallah, he specializes in magic rea. Man. With India gearing up for the elections.

Mahir Ali. Agha Hashr Kashmiri. Kulliyat-i-Insha Allah Khan Insha: collected poetical works of a maestro. Tadveen-i-hadith: a history of Hadith by Manazir Ahsan Geelani.

Wait for it… Log in to our website to save your bookmarks. Related News. Mushtaq Ahmad Yousufi. The male protagonists in her work have always been white-haired men in black clothes.

Khuda ki basti: a novel by Shaukat Siddiqi. I am his 'biggest' fan on earth :D:D. I had better luck with my Indian editor. Kulliyat-i-Insha Allah Khan Insha: collected poetical works of a maestro.

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A while ago I emailed a Pakistani news editor, introducing myself and pitching a column. The relationship, he wrote, had ended soon after. He neglected to mention whether he deemed my book culpable but, for the record, he did not offer me that column. I had better luck with my Indian editor. Travelling with her American boyfriend, she gave him my second novel Duty Free as a useful guide to the lives and loves of desi society. He spent a good part of the holiday, she recounted, reading my novel and chuckling to himself. They are now happily married.

Talib 2 books 5 friends? Latest stories. While these men and women are not the only ones being published in that language, AM, their brief profiles give a sense of the scene in Delhi. Add books from: My Books or a Search. Oct 01.

Prepare to spice up your reading in January with an incredible bunch of new books by Indian authors. Read all about the golden era of Urdu literature and get your hands on a collection of Urdu poems on women. With elections looming on the horizon, authors S. Quraishi and Ruchir Sharma give us a profound view of Indian politics. Kick off the new year with a healthy goal: read more. The book covers information about his ancestry, his struggles, and the events happening in North India in the background during the 18 th century. It also consists of two amazing love stories by the famed poet.


Umrao jaan ada: a novel by Mirza Hadi Rusva. He lives in Sarvodaya Enclave. Comments 58 Closed Popular Newest Oldest. Zia 1 book 0 friends.

Muqaddama-i-shair-o-shaeri: a treatise on modern Urdu criticism and poetics by Altaf Hussain Hali. Sexual love, short-story writer. Aam fikri mughalte: common theoretical misconceptions, written by Ali Abbas Jalalpuri! Novelist, friendship and famoux are played out in a criminally unequal society where the rich feel entitled to trample the po.

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  1. Naseem Hijazi has also written some great books. Parvaaz: humorous essays by Shafeeq-ur-Rahman. At least put nuskha haye wafa on this. She has done a great work urdk her life .☹

  2. Register Now. Aam lisaniyaat: a comprehensive work on linguistics by Gian Chand. Ibn-ul-vaqt: a satirical novel by Nazeer Ahmed Dehlvi. Yes, Continue.👷

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