Latest indian authors and their books

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latest indian authors and their books

Best English Books by Indian Authors: The Must-Read List ()

India is amongst the largest and most diverse countries in the world — here are a few authors who have made the most riveting attempts at the impossible task of capturing it. Why you should read it: Not Only The Things That Have Happened tells the story of a mother who loses her son, and of how the boy becomes a man. The most engaging part of the novel is that it's told over a 36 hour period, in which time acts as a sort of narrator, taking us through decades and back. Why you should read it: Cuckold is a novel based in 16th century India, dealing with the lives of a very powerful ruling family. The novel stands out among others like it because of its raw representations of sex and scandal. Nagarkar constructs a story that is ostensibly about love, but allows the reader to explore the internal struggle of a man when faced with betrayal, loss, and war. Why you should read it: Its protagonist, Mohan Biswas, is a classic anti-hero, simultaneously despicable and compelling.
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Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat is a fiction novel originally published in. In a misguided attempt to keep both himself and his mother sane, Harit has taken to dressing up in a sari every night to pass himself off as his sister. Midnight's Children.

The Glass Palace is a historical fiction novel by Amitav Ghosh published in Coming from a small village and suddenly moving into a metro city is a cultural shock for him. The writer elaborates the Mahabharata with modern twist as it narrates the story from the perspective of Draupadi. Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay - wrote Rajmohan's Wife and published it in ; it is the first Indian novel written in English.

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Indian English writing has come a long way — from just a few English titles releasing a year previously to thousands of new titles launching every year now. Today, with an estimated market value of Rs. From a humble start after Independence, India published 21, new English titles in With so many titles releasing, it can be a daunting task to find the best books written by Indian authors amongst the lot. Naipaul, Rohinton Mistry etc. Than you so much for this list!

It is definitely deserving of any and all acclaims it has received. Andre Borges. Check it out, it isn't that bad of a book. Greene and Narayan remained close friends till the end? Others, howev.

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The book is a rendition of the Hindu epic Mahabharata from Draupadi's Panchaali's point of view? The book ttheir about the changes happening in the life of people along three generations, and it's really interesting and well written. A single book can be the best books for years for many people, but not for everyone. The 1.

Why you should read it: It subtly explores insightful revelations about returning to one's country and revisiting one's heritage, after having left. Featured: Book Club View all. Another book you thought of is…. Why you should read it: Lqtest novel showcases the journey of finding oneself, realising the importance of one's culture and history.

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  1. He begins with a dream and a gentle haunting, Nidhi Chanani weaves a tale about the hardship and self-discovery that is born from juggling two cultures and two worlds, before taking us to an idyllic childhood in Jamnagar by the Arabian S. Jeffrey Mendoza. In this heartwarming graphic novel debut. Skyfire is set in May when India is hit by a series of freak weather disturbances and startling epidemics that threaten to bring the country to its knees.

  2. In the early thirties, a detective by the name of Byomkesh Bakshi made an unobtrusive entry into the world of Bengali fiction. It is the first among a series of four books. Rate it?

  3. Though the Indian English literature is relatively new to the world, India has a very rich literary history in its native languages. However, in the last few decades, some of the best Indian authors have produced some gems of books in English that have earned global praise and have given a new dimension to Indian Literature. 👂

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