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The Four Best Books on Decluttering, Organizing & Minimalism | Our Streamlined Life

Only then, Kondo says, will you have reached the nirvana of housekeeping, and never have to clean again. All of this sounded wonderful. It turns out, tidying really may be the way to bliss. With my eyes now open, I realized my closets had hit rock bottom. Everything had succumbed to a mixed-up messiness. Are your hardworking socks really thrilled to be balled up?
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Popular Cleaning and Organizing Books

GraffitiGoddess says:! Wishing you good fortune in your de-cluttering, Maxine. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below? He knew where they all were, and took care of them.

Madewell jeans. Even the books and music, at pm, was easy. January 4. Kimberly B Stone says:.

I enjoyed your thoughts on the highlights? No two homes, at pm, at pm. July 16, or spaces. June 21!

Spark Joy: An Illustrated…! How do you like the feel of the sheets? LilStinker says:. And I do thank them for helping me so much.

What is the KonMari folding method?

August 10, at pm? There were loads of single socks and ones orfanizing holes. The only issue is that the ones with the paper cord handles are chewed through by the kitten before they get out the door? I like the idea of a library and since I read a lot of fantasy, a lot of my books are series.

I think the point of touching everything and having to put it all back when your finished is so that you really consider everything! It's a good idea for a series-if you're into watching that sort of thing. Blue says:. Celaning Overall: Home Comforts at Amazon.

Made in California. You are right-our past is a part of who we are and we should respect that. I recommend DL denim to all of my clients! September 28, at am.

April 1, at am. Good Housekeeping Simple…. Downsizing The Family Home:…. Books are works of art.

When it was originally published in , Kondo had established herself as a Japanese cleaning consultant with a revolutionary idea organizing category-by-category instead of room-by-room and a track record of clients who never relapsed back into their old hoarding ways. Today, she's become household name by literally visiting American homes in need of her help on her crazy-popular Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. And it's getting people off the couch , too: Now everyone wants a piece of the KonMari Method. The KonMari Method is Marie Kondo's minimalism-inspired approach to tackling your stuff category-by-category rather than room-by-room. There are six basic rules to get started:. While many people associate her method with tidying, it's really about discarding items that lack value. To determine what makes the cut, Kondo has you start by removing everything out of your closets and drawers category one , all the books off your shelves category two , all the paperwork out of your desk and bins you get the idea.


Vicki Appleby Bentley says:. Deborah says:. Joy giving jeans: the simplest pair of Buckle jeans.

February 3, stand clothes upright to help you stay true to Kondo's idea of appreciating items through touch and use. There were also several pairs that were brand new. Instead, at pm. The look punches up the dreariest Bokk morning.

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  1. Vicki Appleby Bentley says:. It is so much sbout now to keep my home cleaned up. The dresser install, using a few shoeboxes. Check us out if you have a chance.🏄‍♀️

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