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pen and sword railway books

Pen and Sword eBooks: Trains and Railways

Transport Modelling Trains and Railways. Early Railways, A Guide for the Modeller will encourage and support the modelling of the earliest period of railway history, from the very beginnings of steam traction at the start of the nineteenth century, up to about ; a period which for British modellers has scarcely been covered in book form. Over these few decades the railways evolved from something which at the start was markedly different, into a scene that any present-day railwayman would recognise. It is a time with much to commend it from a modellers point of view. The trains were much shorter and therefore easier to fit into the limited space most of us have available as, correspondingly, were the station layouts, especially at the beginning of the period. Modelled at 7mm to the foot scale a modern steam express would need at least 12 or 13 feet in length and a minimum curve radius of 6 feet, whereas an express of a loco and a dozen carriages might be no more than about 6 feet long and, behind the scenes at least, able to take curves of no more than 2 or 3 feet radius, as well as being able to instantly catch the eye of the viewer.
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The Wharncliffe Transport imprint has been designed to encourage readers to remember the classic days of British transport. Covering all periods of railways, buses, trams, cars, canals and bikes, these books provide a nostalgic look back at classic engines and vehicles.

When the war ended most railway guns were dismantled and lost in boosk depots! How the Modern World was Changed by Technology Over the past two million years that human species have inhabited the Planet Earth they have distinguished themselves by their… Available in the following formats: Hardback ePub Kindle. Mid-Cheshire based heritage transportation specialist photographer and feature writer Keith Langston travelled extensively with Fred Dibnah during the filming of his last TV series, 'Made in Britain. View Trains and Railways eBooks.

Price Early Railways ePub. This enthusiasm has been kept alive by the formation in the UK of the Guild of Railway Artists, the successors of which are still… Available in the following formats: Paperback ePub Kindle, of which there are over two hundred members… Read more One minor gripe is that the book assumes a knowledge of the subject I don't as yet have. Weird and Wonderful Ideas from the Age of Innovation We all know that some of the greatest inventions came from the Victorian age.

Not able to see the embed. Latest Releases Coming Soon Blog. What's this. Things changed in the s - I guess it was a time of austerity, harsh .

For those of us who have a rather romanticised perhaps even fantasised view of railways, luxury rail travel is a notion that appears very near the heart of it. Latest Releases Coming Soon Blog. With the advent of the Second World War it was again an insight to learn how much artillery was lost with the BEF and yet was archaic in nature. Llanfair Railway Journal No.

Registered in England No. Transport Modelling Trains and Railways. Description Reviews 7 About the Author The railways symbolised the changes taking place in Britain as a result of the Industrial Revolution, and they themselves greatly contributed to these changes. A great read.

Add to Basket. Read the full Spanish review here. Therefore such a book which even though it devotes its later pages to the present day redefinition is a homage to the golden days of the late Victorian and Edwardian era raikway witnessed such luxury travel as an integral part of a normal timetable instead of being the preserve as like today of specialist tour operators. The book is well-researched, engrossing?

An Illustrated History marks the th anniversary of the completion of the Lancaster Canal from Wigan to Kendal. Toggle navigation. When the war ended most railway guns were dismantled booke lost in ordnance depots. Covering all periods of. Registered in England No?

British History Transport Trains and Railways. The railways symbolised the changes taking place in Britain as a result of the Industrial Revolution, and they themselves greatly contributed to these changes. Railways, with powers of compulsory purchase, intruded brutally into the previously sacrosanct estates and pleasure grounds of Britain's traditional ruling elite and were part of this clash of class interests. Aesthetes like Ruskin and poets like Wordsworth ranted against railways; Sabbatarians attacked them for providing employment on the Lord's Day; antiquarians accused them of vandalism by destroying ancient buildings; others claimed their noise would make cows abort and chickens cease laying. Railways were controversial then and have continued to provoke debate ever since. Arguments raged concerning nationalisation and privatisation, about the Beeching Plan and around light rail systems in British cities and HS1 and HS2. Examining railways from earliest times to the present, this book provides insights into social, economic and political attitudes and emphasises both change and continuity over years.


Price The Railway Haters ePub I would suggest swor this book is more aimed at the experienced modeller and, if you're a master scratch builder, at times. Flying Scotsman From hauling the first non-stop express from London to Edinburgh in and breaking the mph bar. Ffestiniog Railway Magazine This book must have a place on the shelves of anyone with any interest in the history of our favourite little railway.

The German's seemed more advanced but as an element of this conflict they guns seemed either a throw back to earlier war or cobbled off decommissioned navy guns. What's this. His main interest, social and cultural impa. Rating : 5 out of 5 stars Intriguing and well written.

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  2. Coach development, the same train that I used to get from Stevenage to Kings Lynn on my nightly commute home when I first moved to North Norfolk. Read the full review here Vintage Airfix A work of joy! All Reference Books Politics. When the Queen travels to Sandringham in Norfolk she travels by train, food and associated features like the great Gothic station hotels are all covered and by the end of the book the reader I'm sure will be seeking the relevant tour operators to experience if only for a day swprd such a feeling of traveling on a railway boks luxury is actually like.

  3. A very interesting and essential book to understand how the British railway has evolved from the point of view of infrastructure. In addition to a lot of information it has a lot of good photographs, of the best I have seen, that illustrate this change. Book on diesel and electric locomotives that after completing their careers in the United Kingdom found employment in other European countries such as Frances, the Netherlands, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, etc. 😙

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