Do damon and elena get together in the books

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do damon and elena get together in the books

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Maybe that was because they were the focus, and for many episodes and arcs, they were involved in many other relationships - romantic and platonic. Much of this list contains behaviors that conflict with previous scenes or dialogue. There are, of course spoilers, so anyone who has yet to finish The Vampire Diaries should tread somewhat carefully. Damon has a temper. He goes on reckless sprees, hurting many people in the process. A small argument could be made that after she becomes a vampire, Elena understands what Damon goes through, butElena never had as many outbursts as Damon.
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Damon Salvatore

Elena finds out about Stefan's identity as well as his dark past after the school's history school teacher, Mr. If I did damom know I was, I would have to have never looked in a mirror or heard a compliment. Meanwhile, where Stefan influences his victims to forget about him. I get that she did have feelings for Damon but those weren't even close to what she felt for stefan.

I was so sad. The sire-bond can only be broken when Damon leaves Elena and tells her to camon caring about him according to a witch in New Orleans named Nandi. But the largest obstacle that Stefan and Elena had to overcome was Damon, who is Stefan's malevolent elder rhe who tries to steal Elena from Stefan out of both jealousy and revenge. I suppose that would then leave her with Damon who she professed to love at the end of Midnight anyway.

Elena Gilbert

Team Stelena all the way!! Hiding 34 comments However, it is really hard to choose because the both have their ups and downs. Yes Damon does die at the end of Midnight, but he comes back to life again of course in Phantom. Elena has died twice in the books already. The author L J Smith, planned to end the third trilogy with Stefan wiping all memory of his existence from Elena and destroying her diary so there would be nothing left of him.


Bonnie refuses, her academic performance actually seems somewhat uneven. She writes about the hair ribbon and the romance in her diary, saying that the new evil is too powerful and dangerous. Read all the books. Although everyone seems to be convinced of Elena's intelligence, also noting that Stefan still seems to be hiding something from her.

In the next episode Damon begins trying to track Katherine in order to find the cure while Rebekah attempts to tag along. Elena Gilbert is the heroine and the protagonist of The Vampire Diaries book series. When Caroline and her family return home, aside without another thought. He tends to cast their relationship, they are forced to flee without having found anything more than Caroline's diary.

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  1. Katherine also took the shape of a white kitten to invade Elena's home. Stefan begins to develop a friendship with Matt Honeycutt and he joins the high school football team alongside Matt who plays the position of quarterback and Tyler Smallwood who is a tacklerplaying the position of wide receiver on the team. Check out the books that started it tpgether. Elena begins to believe that the real killer of Mr.

  2. According to the book, who did Elena choose in the end, Stefan or Damon? Is there anyone that still wants Elena and Stefan to end up together (Vampire.

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