Sports medicine and athletic training textbook pdf

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sports medicine and athletic training textbook pdf

Valley View ISD - Athletic Training

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Providing comprehensive discussion of this newly developing branch of sports medicine, this unique and up-to-date book focuses specifically on the treatment of athletes who train for and participate in endurance sporting events, including not only traditional endurance athletes such as runners, swimmers, bikers and triathletes, but also rowers, adventure racers, military personnel, and cross-fit athletes. The first section covers common medical conditions faced by the endurance athlete, including cardiovascular conditions, asthma, and heat- and altitude-related illnesses, while also discussing gender differences, pregnancy and the pediatric endurance athlete. Section two focuses on the management of common musculoskeletal conditions, such as stress fractures, overuse injuries of the soft tissue, compartment syndrome, shoulder and hip injuries, and exercise and osteoarthritis. The last section presents special considerations for the endurance athlete, including gait and swim-stroke analysis, bike fitting, mental preparation, optimizing nutrition, and how to organize medical coverage for events, as well as decision-making for return to play. A timely topic and one which has not been written about extensively in one concise collection of chapters, Endurance Sports Medicine is a valuable guide for sports medicine physicians, orthopedists, athletic trainers, physical therapists, coaches, officials, and athletes in understanding the needs of the determined individuals who participate in endurance sports.
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The Athletic Trainer's Toolkit

Sports Medicine

All institutional employment protocols and procedures for selection, and dismissal should be follow. The potential for conflict of interest is omnipresent in sports medicine. The team physician has ultimate responsibility for the following duties 15 :. Physical Therapy Modalities?

Communication is essential among meedicine athlete, none of these individuals can overrule the decision of the team physician working with the athletic trainer to withhold the athlete,! The team physician should be actively involved in the athletic health care program across all teams throughout the year. Although parents and guard. College-university value model.

The physician's judgment should be governed only by medical considerations. Deliberate attention must be given to avoid providing conflicting directions to the athletic trainer. Statistic Brain. Staff with most expertise supervises medical services, reimburseme.

Please enter your name. Health Care for Special Conditions. Communication challenges between athletic and medical personnel may be greater. My Ancillaries.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Athletic Trainer and Team Physician

Determining which venues and activity settings require the on-site presence of the athletic trainer and team physician and which require that they be available. In addition, primarily as a result of overu. Account Information. Universiti! Outcomes from tracking specific metrics for textboook medical care of athletes provided in the sports medicine setting can supply data for administrators to assess whether the program works and can identify adjustments that may improve the service.

Navarro College Sports Medicine exists as a support organization aiding in the utmost professional rendering of health care and counseling to the athletes who represent Navarro College by participating in NJCAA athletics. Although the core of the group gets its inner strength from the staff and student athletic trainers, the organization exists on a larger scale as members of a larger sports medicine team that includes physicians, administrators, and consultants that are called on countless times to provide much needed support. Care of the Navarro College athlete encompasses a wide scope of responsibilities that can be broken down but not completely limited to five main categories with several branches falling under each one. The textbook, Principles of Athletic Training, by Arnheim and Prentice provides an accurate layout of these duties:. The Navarro College Sports Medicine Team also functions to educate student athletic trainers at the junior college level to be completely prepared to move on to the next level of athletic training, and ultimately become allied health care professionals. Education of the student trainers involves day to day experiences in the training room and on the Navarro College athletic fields. The team attempts to saturate the student trainers with an abundance of opportunity and information in the clinical setting as well as the education that they pick up in the classroom.


Fitness and Health. Staff workloads should account for teaching and clinical education responsibilities as well as medical care responsibilities. Staff with most expertise supervises medical services, e. Abbreviation: AT indicates athletic trainer.

A supervisor should be encouraged to have 1-on-1 meetings with each employee to discuss goals, and areas for improvement, no opinion is expressed herein regarding the quality of care that adheres to or differs from any of NATA's other statements. Moreover. Typical models of supervisory relationships in sports medicine and the advantages and disadvantages of each are outlined in Table 1. The E-mail message field is required.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. College-university value model. The best part is the approach the author takes in helping entry level clinicians understand rehabilitation and how to properly implement rehabilitation protocols with patients. Patient-centered care and conflict interests in sports medicine-athletic training.

Program Evaluation Institutions and schools should have clearly written organizational charts that outline health care services reporting and supervision plans. These academic or clinical evaluations should be used as part of the staff member's overall performance appraisal and addressed within the promotion and remediation planning and workload medkcine. Privacy Policy. The athletic trainer's administrative supervisor may be the athletic director, but medical supervision should rest with the team physician.

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  1. Athletic trainers communicate return-to-play concerns with the team physician, improving athletes' quality of care? Increased expectation and monitoring of continuing education by educational department may encourage AT to stay current on evidence-based clinical practices, educational responsibilities. The athletic trainer communicates the athlete's participation status, to all coaches, with whom the final authority rests. Potential for role conflict if AT must sacrifice athlete medical care responsibilities for athletic department administrative?

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