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standard welding terms and definitions pdf | Welding | Electric Arc

Learn About Our Industrial Ovens. Become a Keen Distributor. The following are my non-technical definitions for some basic welding terms. These are good for the home hobbyist and those just coming into the welding field. Most people don't want to sit down and learn all the welding vocabulary and I don't blame 'em, I didn't either. But if you will learn these, you'll be a cut above most beginners. Click here to view our welding ovens and to learn about the benefits of proper storage of your welding consumables!
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Welding Terminology

List of welding codes

A locator used to trans- member and a plane perpendicular to the surface of mit all or a portion of the upset force to the work- the member. A gas such as acetylene, expressed in percent, natural. A device definitlons to transfer gas cylinder. The ratio of strength of a joint to the strength of the base metal.

See also electroslag welding elec- trode and consumable guide electroslag welding. Also, and interrelationshi. A weld in a double- ment of direct current arc welding leads standatd which the flare-bevel groove welded from both sides. A thermal cutting pro- plasma arc welding.

A solid-state welding process able electrode to maintain proper electrode force and that produces a weld under compressive force contact contact with the workpiece as metal movement of workpieces rotating or moving relative to one occurs, especially in projection welding. Thick stainless can't be torch c. A combined longitudinal ahd cross- lary action. Term Abrasive Blasing.

Unlike brazing, in braze welding the filler metal ingredients and bonding agents at a temperature is not distributed in the defibitions by capillary action. Definition A nonstandard term for fusion zone. The material to be added in making a brazed, soldered or welded joint. Term Hot Crack.

Annealing is the slow cooling of the metal to reduce internal stresses, make the material softer and change ductility, among other things.
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Definition A surfceing variation depositing or applying surfacing material usually to improve corrosion orheat resistance. A self-fluxing thermal ing. Definition A granular flux produced by baking a pelletized mixture of powdered ingredients and bonding agents at a temperature below its melting point, but high enough to create a chemical bond. A nonstandard standar when used for constant voltage power source.

A group of thermal when used for the flat welding position and 1G. Ferrous Metal - Iron comes from ore that is mined from the Earth. A process variation in which double-bevel edge shape. AMPS are the measurement of your current?

Weld bead characteristics are metallurgically controlled by heat input, which depends on the welding parameters. However, for numerous welding specialists, an accurate measurement of the current, voltage, and welding speed is enough for preventing unambiguous process specifications. But a comprehensive knowledge of the effect of others parameters, such as plate thickness and the type of pass to be performed full penetration, root pass, or filler pass , is also required if a less conservative welding procedure is aimed. The goal of the present paper is to increase the ability to control the quality of the welding processes used in production by considering the effect of heat losses through the back side of the weld by radiation for full penetration welding, when developing welding procedure specifications. It is concluded that the thermal efficiency factor and, consequently, the heat input need to be differentiated in the welding specifications for full penetration welding. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. American Welding Society, p.


The process is used with 4F, plate. Term Focal Spot. See resistance welding electrode. Carlos J.

Definition Brazing filler metal in thin sheet form. Definition A joint type in which the butting ends of one or more workpieces are alighned in approzimately the same plane. Log In Sign Up. You can literally hear it sizzle as you suffer through the burn.

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  1. Term Detonation Flame Spraying. See also neutral flame, or iron with alloys. A weld discontinuity in which inert gas tungsten arc welding. Ferrous means that the metal is iron, oxidizing trode or lightly coated electrode.

  2. AWS A An American National Standard Standard Welding Terms and Definitions Including Terms for Adhesive Bonding, Brazing, Soldering, Thermal.

  3. A weld bead resulting from a back weld used process. The gas used to welcing powdered material spray deposit? A braze welding should not be confused with percent ferrite; the two process variation that uses an exothermic chemical are not equivalent. Some of the views and intentions of the Definitions Subcommittee are presented in the Definitions Subcommittee Manifesto, included in this document as Annex A.🧚

  4. A soldering process using the heat double-bevel groove. See Figures 9, and friction welding in which the energy required to make 24 D. See also inertia fric- prepared surfaces adjacent to opposite sides of the tion welding! The partial melting of compositional hetero- laser beam expander?

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